polyvalent bacterine中文意思是什麼

polyvalent bacterine解釋

  • polyvalent: adj. 【化、生】多價的。n. 【生物學】多價(染色)體。n. -lence

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  1. Strains polyvalent pneumococcal vaccine

  2. The test proved that the polyvalent inactivity vaccine is safe and effective

  3. Influenza may be prevented by active immunization with a polyvalent killed or subunit vaccine

  4. On the basis of the separation and identification of streptococcosis suis in the southern part of henan province, the certain typical bacterial strains were selected as the vaccine strains to produce polyvalent inactivity vaccine for the local prevention of the disease

  5. Among antihypertensive measures, blockade of the raas by means of ace inhibitors or angiotensin ii receptor antagonists recently emerged as a potentially polyvalent approach, not only for treating hypertension and reducing cardiovascular events, but also to prevent or reduce albuminuria, counteract diabetic nephropathy and lower the occurrence of new type 2 diabetes in individuals at risk