process of self reinforcement中文意思是什麼

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  • process: n 1 進行,經過;過程,歷程;作用。 2 處置,方法,步驟;加工處理,工藝程序,工序;製作法。3 【攝影...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • self: n (pl selves )1 自己;自身;本身;【哲學】自我;我。2 本性;本質。3 私利;私心,私慾。4 〈俗〉...
  • reinforcement: n. 1. 增強,加固;補強物,強化物;補給品。2. 增援,支援;〈pl. 〉增援部隊,援軍;救援艦。

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  1. The author holds that, in order to achieve a hypernormal and longspan development of aba prefecture, several tactics and thoughts should be set tip : the thought of the common development of all the nationalities ; the diversified development in the form of the combination of self - exertion and state support the combination of conventional development aril unconventional development ; the establishment, of the sense of reformation and opening ; the reinforcement of national unity and mutual aid ; the realization of common prosperity in the courses of reform

  2. Process of labor dispute mediation is when showing unit of choose and employ persons and laborer produce labor dispute, organization of mediation of dispute of regional perhaps labor files party one party or committee of mediation of dispute of labor of industry of double direction legal mediation, industry labor dispute mediates committee or regional mediation organization is mixed according to labor law law, code company rules and labor contract put forward to mediate an opinion for the basis, make party both sides reach intercessory agreement, fulfill the summation that mediates a series of mediation activities such as the agreement self - consciously

  3. Financial fragility has the trend of self - reinforcement with the expansion of financial market

  4. This paper described the working process of self trouble diagnosis systems in efi vehicles, the way of getting into the system and the displaying methods of trouble codes

  5. Theory of self - calibration of platform was enucleated. process of self - calibration of platform discussed in this thesis was given. observability of multi - position error calibration was studied, then calibrate the errors of the platform