音標 [rid]
vt. 及物動詞 1. 閱讀,朗讀,誦讀;【議會】宣讀(議案);照譜唱[奏] (aloud out off)。
2. 辨讀,辨認(暗號等);解答(謎等);(用計算機等)讀出(信息的意義;密碼等);(看臉色等)察覺,了解。
3. 顯示〈鐘點,度數等〉。
4. 能讀,看得懂(拉丁語等);閱悉,讀知(某事)。
5. 讀給人聽;讀著使…。
6. 把(一段文字)解釋為;把(文獻中某一字句)讀作,寫作,印作。
7. 〈主為牛津大學學生語〉學,研究 (up)。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 閱讀,讀書;學習,勤學,用功;朗讀,誦讀,宜讀;講讀。
2. 可讀,值得讀;使(讀者或聽者)感動。
3. (某一文句)具有某種意義,可作某種解釋。
4. (某一文句)具有某種形式,由某些詞組成。
n. 名詞 讀書;(一次的)讀書時間。
have a good [quiet, long, short] read 舒暢地[安靜地,長時間,短時間]讀書。
take a quick [short] read at a book 匆匆忙忙讀一本書,讀一會兒書。
adj. 形容詞 1. 被朗讀的。
2. 讀知的。
3. 博識的;博覽的;造詣深的。
n. 名詞 里德〈姓氏〉。


    1. Acclaimed poet rita dove to read at hku

    2. I began to read advertisement in the papers.

    3. In the past year, led and encouraged by governments at all levels and organizations concerned, women in poor rural areas have taken an active part in the campaign of " learning culture and technology, and emulating each other in achievements and contributions. " numerous women have been taught to read and write, and some of them have undergone applied technology training and obtained the title of agrotechnician, and are now playing leading roles in developing productivity by reliance on science and technology in the poverty - stricken areas

      近年來,在各級政府和有關組織的支持和帶動下,農村貧困地區婦女積極參加「雙學雙比」 (學文化、學技術,比成績、比貢獻)活動,眾多婦女脫盲,一些婦女接受了實用技術培訓並獲得農民技術員職稱,成為貧困地區依靠科技發展生產的帶頭人。
    4. Because they are fascinated by mathematics, logic, and science and have taken on the rational madness of their scientific confreres, we read much these days about information theory and its relation to the psychology and composition of music ; about statistical probabilities, stochastics, and the markoff chain and their compositional possibilities, about group and set theory as applied to serial music ; about aleatory and indeterminacy and entropy

    5. Andrew read the rest of the file-including the intern's note about penicillin allergy.