recommended business中文意思是什麼

recommended business解釋

  • recommended: 被推薦的;被介紹的
  • business: n 1 事務,業務;事,事業,行業,工作。2 實業;商業,營業,買賣,交易;營業額,交易量;商情。3 商...

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  1. In the policy chart, the abscissa denotes the average factors score of business completing ability, it reflects level of business completing ability in a period ; the ordinate denotes the level of business sustainable development, it reflects the change tendency of business completing ability in the same period

  2. His business dealings were above board.

  3. Businessmen holding hksar passports will be allowed 30 - day visa on arrival at airports in islamabad, karachi, lahore, quetta and peshawar on production of either a recommendatory letter from a local chamber of commerce and industry, an invitation letter from business organisation duly recommended by the concerned trade organisation association in pakistan or a recommendatory letter by the investor consular of the board of investment posted at pakistan missions abroad

  4. Seeing me worrying about money on top of my grueling training and competition regimen, a business - graduate friend recommended i put together a competition proposal and use it to seek financial support from businesses and the government

  5. Use case functional modeling i. e. to specify the use cases for the recommended solution for the above modeled business process

    用例(功能)建模(例如,為上面建模后的業務流程指定所推薦方案的用例) 。