repayable to either中文意思是什麼

repayable to either解釋

  • repayable: adj. 可付還的;可報答的;應報復的。
  • to: adv 到某種狀態;〈特指〉到停止狀態;關閉。 ★也常和動詞結合,略去其後賓語,而構成成語: The door i...
  • either: adj 兩者之一的;(兩者之中)隨便哪一個的;兩者中任何一方的。 sit on either side 隨便坐哪一邊。 of...

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  1. 5. the osl dating of 37 samples of loess in weihe river basin by sar and multiple aliquot methods, indicates that sar protocol appears to be applicable to loess and appropriately correcting for sensitivity changes within the regenerated curves, however, there are major difference between the irsl and post - ir osl de determinations that suggest that sensitivity changes relating to either ( or both ) natural signals may not be correctly monitored

    同時,用單片再生劑量法測小干3ha的黃土細顆粒樣品, slsl 、 irsl和post irosl測的年代在誤差范圍內基本相同,接近預估年代;對於3ha ? 10ha的黃土細顆粒樣品,一般post osl測的年代更接近預測值;對于大於10ha的樣品,一般irsl測的年代普遍太小,多數blsl年代也偏小,而p 。
  2. This time it was the doxycycline - sensitive strain that did better even though, in principle, it was not resistant to either drug

  3. Contribute a little to either ultra-violet astronomy or x-ray astronomy.

  4. You will need to either modify your visual basic 6. 0 application to use ado activex data objects prior to upgrading, or modify any data - binding code in the upgraded application to use the new data architecture

    在進行升級之前,您需要修改visual basic 6 . 0應用程序以使用ado ( activex數據對象) ,或在升級后的應用程序中修改所有的數據綁定代碼以使用新的數據結構。
  5. Set the main switch selector to m ( manual ). make sure that the mode dial is set to either self - timer., multi exposure, auto bracketing, continuous shooting, or normal mode

    把主選擇開關調至m (手動) 。要保證模式盤調到自拍,多重拍攝,包圍式曝光,連續拍攝或普通模式。