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  • resin: n 樹脂;松脂;樹脂狀沉澱物。 resin opal 【礦物】脂光蛋白石。 acrylate [acrylic] resin 玻璃狀可塑...
  • transfer: n 1 移轉,轉送;調職;調任[轉學]證書;變換。2 (財產;權利等的)轉讓,讓與(證書),移轉,授受;...
  • molding: molding = moulding.

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  1. An inductor whose case has been formed via a molding process, common molding processes in clu - de injection and transfer molding, molded inductors typically have well defined body dimensi - ons which consist of smooth surfaces and sharper coners as compared to othercase types such as epoxy coated and shrink wrap coatings ( also see inductor

  2. The effect of intensifier and other conditions on the mechanical properties of composite is studied for the sake of searching the optimal compounding and the optimal technological process. first, a series of composites are manufactured by means of different nonwoven fabric and different resin. the dissimilar methods are adopted including hand molding, vacuum - bag molding and vacuum assistant resin injection

  3. It is showed that toughness of phenol resin after modified has been increased, tensile strength and transverse strength of precoated sand and collapsibility of molding sand, which have been improved obviously

  4. Standard practice for transfer molding test specimens of thermosetting compounds

  5. Resin transfer molding ( rtm ) has drawn more attention in the last decade because its manufacture cost is significantly lower than traditional techniques of fabricating fiber - reinforced composites

    樹脂傳遞模塑resintransfermolding ( rtm )是近年來飛速發展的一種低成本高效率的復合材料成型技術,目前已被廣泛應用於航空、汽車等工業中。