音標 [ri'tenʃən]
n. 名詞 1. 保留,保持,(意見等的)保留。
2. 保持力,記憶力;保留物。
3. 〈古語〉拘押,監禁;扣留。
4. 【醫學】分泌閉止,停滯;閉尿;固位。
5. 【保險】保有額。


    1. Prediction of the chromatographic retention indices of alkene

    2. Auricular acupoint injection in treating 46 cases of urinary retention

    3. With the development of human society, because of the lack of sustainable utilization consciousness, and the eager for quick success and instant benefit, the black earth suffered excessive cultivation and management, causing the reduction of its recycled ability, decrease in organic content, porosity ratio, fertility dropped and the properties of water retaining and water retention, which make the black soil harden and degenerate seriously

    4. High energy environment are not conducive to the retention of organic matter in muds.

    5. Abstract : synopsis of prescriptions of the golden chamber provides thetherapeutic methods for dampness, fluid retention and edema : diaphoresis for dampness, regulation with drugs warm in nature for fluid retention and diaphoresis and diuresis for edema

      文摘: 《金匱要略》為濕病、飲病、火氣病各設立治療大法:濕病為微發其汗,飲病為溫藥和之,水氣病為發汗、利尿、攻逐水濕。