ridge-and-valley topography中文意思是什麼

ridge-and-valley topography解釋

  • ridge: n 1 【動物;動物學】脊;脊背。2 山脊;嶺,崗;分水嶺,山脈。3 屋脊;(犁溝與犁溝間的)犁壟;鼻樑...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • valley: n. 1. 谷,峪,河谷;凹處。2. 流域。3. 【建築】屋谷,屋面天溝。
  • topography: n. 地誌;地形(測量)學;地形,地勢;地勢圖;(物產的)分佈狀況;【解剖學】局部解剖學。

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  1. Amore 2001 has successfully investigated the gakkel ridge and arctic ocean in vicinity of its geological and geophysical nature, as well as the nature of sea ice and biology in this area. the preliminary onboard petrology and bathymetry results show that the mantle beneath the gakkel ridge with low temperature has only encountered very low degree partial melting during the spreading and there is no any direct relationship between the crust nature and the spreading rate along the gakkel ridge in any simple petrologic way. mantle temperature and fracture zone density also play a major role on the crust nature, besides spreading rate

    對所取得資料的初步研究表明gakkel洋中脊之下的地幔僅經受了較低程度的部分熔融,具有較低的溫度。 gakkel洋中脊處的地殼性質和巖漿活動與擴張速率之間不存在任何直接的巖石學相關性,擴張而導致的巖石圈頂部的冷卻並不是決定洋脊處地殼性質的最重要因素。地幔溫度和斷裂帶的存在與否及其密度對地殼性質具有重要的影響意義。
  2. 2, by detailed studying of sedimentary microfacies, guan 3 - 6 beds mainly belong to high crooked fluvial deposition system, and some parts of guan 5 - 6 show plait fluvial deposition system features : detailed divided them into edge beach, center beach and natural levee etc. 9 deposition microfacies and beach ridge and groove microficies

    2 、通過沉積微相多層次逐級細分研究,認為館3 - 6砂層組主要屬于高彎曲度曲流河沉積體系,館5 6部分小層表現為辮狀河沉積體系;並細分出了邊灘、心灘以及天然堤等九種沉積微相,以及灘脊和凹槽等微微相。
  3. Yet before the floating impress of the woods could clear itself, suddenly the gladsome light leaped over hill and valley, casting amber, blue, and purple, and a tint of rich red rose, according to the scene they lit on, and the curtain flung around ; yet all alike dispelling fear and the cloven hoof of darkness, all on the wings of hope advancing, and proclaiming, " god is here !

    然而就在樹木模糊的形象即將清晰之前,突然那道令人愉悅的光芒跳過丘陵和山谷,依照他們停落的那一幕,射出了琥珀,藍,紫以及華麗的玫瑰紅,接著簾幕一甩,所有的一切驅散了恐懼和黑暗中的邪惡,所有的一切都插上希望之翼開始前進,漸漸清晰, "上帝就在這里!
  4. 2 microtubules sent out from the outer domain of the basal body in rows were added to 40 pairs step by step through the reservoir ; 3 the microtubule supporting layer then formed surrounding the canal ; 4 the structure unit of two microtubule turned to be the ridge and groove structure in epiplasm

    發現小眼蟲微管體系是以鞭毛根為微管組織中心,從微管組織中心microtubule organizing center , mtoc的外圍區域呈排狀向上發出,逐步添加微管至40對止,並通過儲蓄泡逐步形成環繞溝道canal的微管支撐層。
  5. Based on re - classification of abbott - firestone curve into three zones, surface bearing index, core fluid retention index and valley fluid retention index were introduced to evaluate the bearing capability and lubricant retention property of a machined surface. the changing tendency of these three indexes was also made clear through experiments, and the relations between them and fractal parameters were built up. at last, it was found that the coefficient c is also suitable to evaluate the bearing capability and fluid retention property of a machined surface

    本文在重新劃分abbott - firestone曲線的基礎上引入了表面承載指數、核心區液體滯留指數和谷底液體滯留指數三個指標分別評價表面承載性能和儲油性能,同時通過試驗找到了這三個評價指數的變化規律,最後建立了它們和分形參數之間的關系,並發現尺度系數同樣可以用來評價表面的承載性能和儲油性能。