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round house解釋
1. 【航海】后甲板艙室。
2. 〈美國〉(中央有調車轉臺的)圓形機車庫。
3. 【歷史】拘留所。
4. 〈美俚〉把胳臂彎成弧形打出去的一拳;〈美棒球俚〉大彎球。

  • round: adj 1 圓形的;球形的;圓筒形的;弧形的,半圓(形)的。2 兜圈子的,一周的;來回的。3 完全的;十足...
  • house: n 豪斯〈姓氏〉。n (pl houses )1 房屋,住宅;住家;一家,一戶。2 家,家庭;家務。3 家族;王朝。4...

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  1. The round-house was like a shambles, three were dead inside, another lay in his death agony across the threshold.

  2. We mainly provide the following products and services : glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture, resin sculpture, wood sculpture, urban landscape sculpture, decorative sculpture for architecture ( round sculpture and relief sculpture ), picture frame, wall picture, ornament, folding screen and wall mirror ; landscaping service, design and furnishing service for start - rated hotel, club, villa, coffee house and show room

  3. Dt610 departs from the round house dt610 departs from the round house

  4. The mate calling for help, rush d however into the round - house, wounded as he was, and with his pistol shot the new captain thro the head, the bullet entring at his mouth, and came out again behind one of his ears ; so that he never spoke a word ; upon which the rest yielded, and the ship was taken effectually, without any more lives lost

  5. It had been originally meant that the captain, mr arrow, hunter, joyce the doctor, and the squire, were to occupy these six berths now, redruth and i were to get two of them, and mr arrow and the captain were to sleep on deck in the companion, which had been enlarged on each side till you might almost have called it a round - house