s and m中文意思是什麼

s and m解釋
=Sadism and Masochism 施虐和受虐(色情)狂。

  • s:
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • m: (pl. M's, m's)1. 英語字母表第十三字母。2. M 形狀的東西;【印刷】= em. 3. M (羅馬數字) 1000. MCML = 1950.

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  1. " are you into s and m ?

    「你喜歡性虐待嗎? 」
  2. The experiment procedure and analysis result about exteriorly extended end - plate connection with high strength bolt are introduced primarily ; each sample ' s dimension is given. the adding load equipment, measuring apparatus placed, measuring point established is detailed. adding load measure load and m - curve is produced ; the single span gabled frames horizontal displacement formula is deduced when the horizontal concentrated force is applied to it

    重點介紹了外伸端板高強螺栓連接的實驗過程及實驗分析結果,介紹了各組試件的形狀尺寸、加載裝置、測量儀器安放、測點的布置等;給出加載方式及測出的m -曲線;計算出試驗節點的初始剛度;推導水平集中力作用下單跨門式剛架考慮節點半剛性的側移計算公式。
  3. Linear matrix inequality was introduced to cope with the puzzle of determining common positive matrix. theory of stability analysis and controller design was established based on lmi method. ( 3 ) nonlinear fuzzy p redictive c ontrol t heory b ased on t - s s tate s pace m odel was explored

  4. Dr. daniel lee was born in hong kong. he received the b. s. degree with distinction from cornell university, ithaca, ny, in 1973 and the m. s. and ph. d. degrees from stanford university, stanford, ca, in 1975 and 1980, respectively, all in electrical engineering

    李大力博士于香港出生, 1973年於美國紐約康奈爾大學,獲電機工程一級榮譽學士學位,後於1975年及1980年取得美國加州史丹福大學電機工程碩士學位及博士學位;更於1995年完成美國西北大學kellog管理學院行政人員進修課程。
  5. Professor hongkai wu was born in 1978. after receiving his b. s. and m. s