音標 [sæg]
vi. 不及物動詞 (-gg-)1. (橋、梁等)陷下,壓彎;(門)成一邊高一邊低狀;(蠟燭等)彎曲;(繩、天花板等)鬆弛,下垂;(裙子下擺等)松垂,弛垂;(土地等)下陷,陷沒。
2. (物價等)下跌。
3. 〈比喻〉萎頓;消衰;(情緒)低落;疲沓,鬆懈。
4. 【航海】漂流(特指船向下風流去)。
vt. 及物動詞 使下陷,壓彎;使下垂[下落],【航海】使漂流。
n. 名詞 1. 彎下,下垂;下沉,下陷。
2. 垂度。
3. (物價的)下跌。
4. 【航海】隨風漂流。


    1. This paper shows that favourable oil - pool - forming condition can be found in linnan sag. there are three main kinds of subtle oil - gas - pools : up - acclivity pinch - out sandstone, lenticle and fault - stratigraphy subtle oil - gas pools

      沙三下沙三中(旋迴c3和旋迴c4 )時期是尋找巖性圈閉的最有利層序。
    2. The method has triumphantly applied in sag evaluation in chagan depression, and enhanced the forecast of exploration targets, and achieved favorable effect, and auspicated a new way of exploration for similar lower exploration mid - small basins

    3. We have been closely cooperated with beijing institute of technology, one of the most prestigious university in china, and co - developed ion vacuum plating technique, multi - arc tin coating technique and twin - eccentric automatic fuel supply advancer in the recent years successively, and acquired many patents. the sag and scda series fuel supply advancer manufactured in one of our branch company : has adopted the advanced twin - eccentric blocks structure, thoroughly changed the traditional structurearc block, sliding block. the angle of advance is very accurate and precise, also perfect at position resume

      由本總公司提前器廠生產的sag scdm兩大系列供油角度自動提前器,改變了目前提前器市場上的傳統結構,用先進的雙偏心式結構,代替了二十年一貫制的弧形塊滑塊式結構,具有提前角特別靈敏,恢復性好,怠速運轉無噪音等優點,克服了提前器擺動大漏油等常見缺陷。
    4. If a brownout lasts less than about a second, it is called a sag

      如果電燈暗淡不超過1秒鐘,則稱為sag 。
    5. The cable sag caused by cable dead weight is vertical.