sandwich theorem中文意思是什麼

sandwich theorem解釋

  • sandwich: n 三維治〈英國五港之一〉。n 三明治,夾心麵包片;三明治層狀結構[物]。 ride [sit] sandwich 夾坐二人...
  • theorem: n. 1. (能證明的)一般原理,公理,定律,法則。2. 【數學】定理。

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  1. Theorem 3. 9 if g is locally finite p - group and c * ( p ) - group, then the nilpotent class of g is at most 3 and the derived subgroup of g is elementary abelian p - group

    定理39若局部有限屍群g是c 「卜群,則g的類最多為3且g 』是初等阿貝爾p群
  2. Let us restate the assertions above as a theorem.

  3. Second, we discuss composition operators on bloch space with closed range. by using a distortion theorem of bonk, minda and yanagihara about bloch functions, we obtain the sharp estimation of the lipschitz continuity of the dilation of bloch functions. then, we improve a theorem of ghatage, yan and zheng about composition operators on bloch space with closed range

    其次研究了bloch空間上有閉值域的復合運算元,先利用bonk 、 minda和yanagihara關于bloch函數的一個偏差定理,得到bloch函數伸縮率的lipschitz連續性的精確估計式,用這個估計式改進了ghatage 、 yan和zheng關于bloch空間上關于有閉值域的復合運算元的一個定理。
  4. According to goldstone theorem, the goldstone bosons with zero mass will emerge as the chiral symmetry is spontaneously broken

  5. Theorem 2 the product of a bounded function and an infinitesimal is an infinitesimal