say goodbye to hollywood中文意思是什麼

say goodbye to hollywood解釋

  • say: vt vi 1 說,講;表達;表明,宣示;聲明,主張,斷定。 Say all you know and say it without reserve ...
  • goodbye: (感嘆)再見
  • to: adv 到某種狀態;〈特指〉到停止狀態;關閉。 ★也常和動詞結合,略去其後賓語,而構成成語: The door i...
  • hollywood: n 1 好萊塢〈美國電影業中心〉。2 美國影片。3 美國電影工業,美國電影界。adj 1 好萊塢(式)的。2 〈...

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  1. Say goodbye to scattered and tangled monitoring code, as ron bodkin shows you how to combine aspectj and jmx for a flexible, modular approach to performance monitoring

    隨著ron bodkin介紹如何把aspectj和jmx組合成靈活而且模塊化的性能監視方式,就可以對散亂而糾纏不清的代碼說再見了。
  2. - bye, sweetheart. - wanna say goodbye to your mama

  3. Geraldine, a 36 - year - old ecuadoran woman, came with her two daughters to symbolically say goodbye to her sport socks. " he behaved badly and then left us, " she explained

    36歲的厄瓜多女人格拉爾德琳帶著她的兩個說英語的女兒兒來到這里與前夫「說再見」 。她說: 「飲食與健康,離開了我們。 」
  4. Shanty dwellers say goodbye to slum

  5. Let ' s say goodbye to madrid on our own, let ' s dine out,