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  • sea: SEA = Southeast Asia 東南亞。n 1 海;海洋;內海;大(淡水)湖。2 〈pl 或與不定冠詞連用〉海面(狀...
  • bottom: n 1 底,底部。2 地基,基礎;根底;底細,真相,原因,根源。3 (樹的)根干;(山)麓麓;〈方,常 pl...
  • reverberation: n. 1. 反響,回蕩;余韻;反射;反射熱,反射光。2. (反射爐的)返焰;返焰爐處理法。3. 【物理學】交混回響,混響,余響。

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  1. The ship was completely buried in the soft loam of the sea bottom

  2. Afterwards, we comment on the history, present situation, and development of the multi - component seismics being a main technique from the view point of oil and gas exploration, and put forward further schemes for the multi - component sea - bottom seismics in accordance with our national high tech development project

    然後從油氣勘探角度對技術進步中的一項主要技術? ?多分量地震的歷史、現狀和發展作了評述,並結合國家863項目關于海上多波地震技術研究的狀況提出了進一步實施的設想。
  3. This would involve considering the food requirements of key species in ecosystems ( notably those of marine mammals ), phasing out fishing gear that destroys the sea bottom, and implementing marine reserves, or “ no - take zones, ” to mitigate the effects of fishing

  4. A sound made by taping on the hull of a ship will be reflected from the sea bottom.

  5. 2 ) the sce shows potential of the application for sea bottom classification. both the improved sub - band frequency energy technique and the phase plane technique can distinguish completely the sea - beds : sand - type and silt - type