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  • sea: SEA = Southeast Asia 東南亞。n 1 海;海洋;內海;大(淡水)湖。2 〈pl 或與不定冠詞連用〉海面(狀...
  • communication: n. 1. 通訊,通知;交換;信息;書信,口信,通報。2. 傳達,傳授;傳播;傳染。3. 交通,交通機關;聯系,連絡(設備)。4. 【宗教】接受聖餐。
  • chart: n 1 海圖,航(線)圖,航海圖;地勢圖(=physical chart),(軍用)地形圖(=topographic chart)。...

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  1. Zhongrong electric co., ltd ( runhua capacitor manufacture co., ltd ), is located in shunde city, where is in the center of zhujiang delta of guangdong province, it is only 90 sea miles away from hongkong, and 70 sea miles away from macau, the communication is very convenient

    中容電氣有限公司(潤華電容器製造有限公司) ,位於廣東省珠江三角洲腹地順德市,距離香港90海里,澳門70海里,交通十分方便。
  2. Topics discussed included the progress in windshear alerting service, amendment 72 to icao annex 3, re - organization of airspace in the south china sea, the annual survey on services provided by the hong kong observatory, world area forecast system wafs transition matters, the launch of broadband amids and the progress on automatic dependent surveillance controller pilot data link communication ads cpdlc and aircraft meteorological data relay amdar. fig. 15 meeting on aviation weather services with air traffic management bureau, civil aviation administration of china, 12 november 2001, beijing

    會上討論多項議題,包括風切變警告服務的最新進展國際民用航空組織icao附件3須作出的第72號修訂中國南海空域的重組天文臺的周年服務意見調查世界航空區域預報系統wafs過渡事宜推出寬頻航空氣象資料發送系統amids ,以及自動從屬監視系統飛行員管制員數據鏈通訊ads cpdlc和飛機氣象數據下傳amdar計劃的最新進展。
  3. The thermocline reflects the ocean temperature field ' s important physics characteristics. it has important influence on underwater communication, submarine activity as well as fishery farming and fishing. it has close relations with branch subjects such as ocean current, water mass, inside wave, sea and air exchange

  4. Shandong longkou double dragon chemical co, . ltd limited is located in the beautiful and richly city - longkou, which is alongside bohai sea and is one of the earliest coastal city openned, laishan airport about 100km to it, there are weiwu highway and delong railway on the east, and longkou international container harbor on the west, on the north side situated thermal power plant which is the biggest in jiaodong peninsula and seashore coal mine which is the biggest in china. in brief, it is convenient of traffic and communication, sufficient of energy resources, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate

  5. Weihai international academic center of shandong university is the important academic communication site and the reception window to foreign of shandong university, which build up and generated according to the four - star standard. it is located in the beautiful beach city - weihai, to the west of the international bathing beach, the best place for business, travel and conference. there is the international academic lecture hall with sea view that can hold 500 persons together, also with the conference room, melti - functional hall, and the top - grade meeting rooms of diverse styles