seam strike中文意思是什麼

seam strike解釋

  • seam: n 1 縫;線縫。2 介面;接縫;接合處;接合線。3 裂縫。4 (臉上的)皺紋。5 傷痕。6 【造船】(船板間...
  • strike: vt (struck; struck 〈古語〉 stricken;striking)1 打,敲,擊,毆;碰,撞,攻擊,沖擊。2 (用尖刀...

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  1. The strike was broken, of course, but mainly by a series of adventitious developments.

  2. The strike proved to be an all-out battle between management and labour.

  3. The protests of the amalgamated were not even acknowledged, and the union called a second general strike against the corporation.

  4. It is further indicated by the fusion of various geo - factors that the major targets include gold - bearing limonitic cataclastic rock in ningwei domain, auriferous quartz in nanhua mountain and xihua mountain domain, where the 50 - 85 strike mylonite and sulfur - bearing quartz - calcite veins of cataclastic rock is the prior ore - search targets

    同時,通過多源地學因素的融合還顯示,寧衛地區找金的主攻對象以含金褐鐵礦化碎裂巖為主,南華山、西華山地區以脈型金礦為主,且重點應在50 - 85度方向糜棱巖、碎裂巖帶中尋找含硫化物的石英-方解石脈。
  5. Of his career - high 114 pitches, wang said he threw 12 changeups and at least 40 sliders. he also worked in an occasional four - seam fastball that stayed high in the strike zone