n. 名詞 【機械工程】1. 軸系。
2. 傳動軸。
3. 軸材。


    1. The paper was based on load - bearing properties of elementary aerostatic bearing, predigested support and spindle structure of multi - support aerostatic motorized spindle, established finite - element analysis model, analyzed all kinds of structureal designs of shafting refer to ansys software, analyzed and compared load - bearing characteristics

    2. To adapt the circumstance in which the crankshaft torsional vibration generally exists, the new method ( tvrs method ) in which the cylinder power is inversely solved according to the torsional vibration curve is put forward and deduced in this paper, that is, the average effective pressure of each cylinder i. e. power condition of each cylinder is estimated based on a crankshaft torsional vibration curve according to the elasticity model of the actual shafting of engine and by use of the i. c. engine dynamics, the numerical calculations and the signal theory etc. although the computing workload is more, the method makes full use of the now available data of the torsional vibration of the i. c. engine, and can be used to all kinds of i. c. engine on any kind of operating condition, so it has higher application value

      為適應內燃機普遍存在曲軸扭振的情況,本文提出並推導了利用扭振信號反算的新方法( tvrs法) ,即採用軸系中某一測點的扭轉振動信號,按軸系實際的彈性模型,依據內燃機動力學、數值計算方法和信號理論等,反算各缸的平均有效壓力,定量判斷各缸的作功狀況。此法充分利用內燃機現有的扭振資料,雖然計算工作量較大,但普遍適用於各種類型各種工況的內燃機,有較高的實用價值。
    3. Then the paper dissertates theory of parts measurement and its exercise in measurement and repair of waterway fixed assets, bases the measurement of the fixed assets on the parts, and distributes value of the vessel to hull, shafting and screw propeller, telecom facility, air - conditioning system, electric system, main - engine and subsidiary engine system, and so on. the following expenditure should be capitalized : ( 1 ) adding new components ; ( 2 ) replacing the current components, and all other expenditure be expensed

      集中闡述了船舶應按照船體、靠泊系統、主輔機系統、螺旋槳與軸系、空調系統、電氣設備、電信設備、起貨系統、救生系統等主要部件進行計價;在修理支出中,應將符合下面兩個條件的支出項目予以資本化: ( 1 )增置新的部件, ( 2 )現有部件的重置。
    4. Especially, the idea of " datum dimension precision back " is being put forward, and this idea is being realized by backing composition composed by outer - diameter micrometer, airproof shafting, microwatch. at the same time, use " non - lock " to replace " lock ", this way make the system compact, eliminate many bigger error and resolve th

      尤其是提出了基準尺調整后精確後退的思想,並通過外徑百分尺、密珠軸系、千分表組成後退機構加以實現。同時以「無鎖」代「鎖」 ,使系統結構緊湊,受力小,消除了多項較大誤差從而解決了測試精度低的關鍵問題。
    5. 2 ) wake measurement on shafting direction, at over loading condition

      2 )船舶在吃水t 14刀m時,軸向伴流的測量。