1. Lv sheng spirit : highlight of sincere communications, admiration of crystal personality, promotion of teamwork cooperation, advocation of individual development, encouragement of proactive innovation, and emphasis of consciousness cultivation

    2. Through analyzing guan zi, zhao guo, fan sheng zhi shu, si min yue ling and other agricultural books, some agronomists on agricultural education, it states that in west han and east han dynasties agricultural science and technology made great progress, such as soil and tillage, drainage and irrigation, farm implements, crop cultivation, gardening, silkworm raising and mulberry growing, environment and ecology, agricultural economics and management

      通過對《管子》 、趙過、 《 ?勝之書》 、 《四民月令》等農書及農業科學家農業教育的闡述,指出了兩漢時期的農業教育主要在農業科技教育方面取得進展,具體體現在土壤耕作教育、農田水利教育、農機具教育、作物栽培知識教育、園藝知識教育、蠶桑知識教育、環境生態教育、農業經濟管理教育等方面。
    3. Offers information about free reed instruments including the accordian, bayan, concertina, harmonica, sheng and reed organ

    4. Dalian yu sheng yuan international hotel is a luxury commercial hotel built with investment by anda shengdao croup according to national star - level standards, where restaurant, guest room, entertainment and conference are incorpoorated together

    5. Additionally, gong du sheng ' s anxiety level is higher than that of middle school students and the characters of them are more introversive than those of middle school students are