shock front中文意思是什麼

shock front解釋

  • shock: n 1 沖突;沖撞;沖擊;突擊。2 震動;沖動;激動。3 感動;憤慨;驚愕;震驚。4 地震。5 【醫學】休克...
  • front: n 1 前部,前面;正面;(劇場的)正面[前面]座位〈也可指全部觀眾席位〉 (opp back rear)。2 【軍事...

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  1. Stability. front suspension with dual shock absorbers

  2. This particulate matter carried along by the blast waves does not necessarily affect the overpressures at the shock front.

  3. In this paper, firstly, the mechanism of laser plasma shock wave ' s form, the basic formula of the theory of shock wave, the state equation of the shock wave in the water and the relation of the parameters of the shock front are studied

  4. The point blast induced spherical wave is the especial instance of the ellipsoid shock wave. at last, the experimental data in alcohol are in good agreement with the calculated results of the model by analysis of the data of the laser pulse induced the laser plasma shock front by acoustics means

  5. The results showed that quasi - isentropic compression energy waves were produced after the impact with mg - face of the flier - plate, whose initial velocity jump, peak velocity and front ' s rise - time were all different from the general shock loading wave profiles