simple sinusoidal voltage中文意思是什麼

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  • simple: adj ( pler; plest)1 單純的;簡單的,簡易的;輕便的。2 質仆的,自然的,天真的;樸素的;率直的,...
  • sinusoidal: 正弦信號
  • voltage: n. 【電學】電壓,電壓量,伏特數。 the working voltage (電氣的)耐壓限度。

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  1. Comparing with other current, the interfluent power supply has many merits such as simple structure, high precision and perfect voltage wave

  2. Calibration will be made by applying appropriate sinusoidal voltage and current signals with known phase relationship to the meter under test. the ranges of test voltages and currents are 25 v to 250 v and 50 ma to 100 a respectively

    按已知的相位關系,將適當的正弦電壓及電流訊號加於接受測試的功率因數表,以進行校正。測試電壓及電流量程分別為25v至250v及50ma至100a 。
  3. The prototype test results indicate : voltage mode and current mode ac - ac mode ac / ac converters with high frequency link have the advantages such as high frequency electrical isolation. simple topology, two - stage power conversions, high power density, bidirectional power flow, good line current waveform, no audio noise, high converting efficiency, and high input power factor etc. this kind of converter lay the key technical foundation on new type regulated sinusoidal ac power supply, electronic transformer, ac regulator, and wave converter etc

    試驗表明,這類變換器具有高頻電氣隔離、電路拓撲簡潔、兩級功率變換( lfac hfac lfac ) 、功率密度高、雙向功率流、無音頻噪音、變換效率高、網側功率因數高等優點。為新一代正弦交流穩壓器、電子變壓器、交流調壓器、同頻波形變換器的實現奠定了關鍵技術基礎。
  4. At the point of keeping the quality of the output waves, optimal spwm scheme with phase - shifted control technology has a simple adjusting voltage circuit and the system with this technology has a good reliability

  5. The circuit structure which can transfer one unregulated sinusoidal voltage with high thd into another regulated constant frequency sinusoidal voltage with low thd is constituted of input cycloconverter, high frequency storage transformer, output cycloconverter, input and output filter