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  • single: adj 1 僅只一個的,單獨的;單式的;【植物;植物學】(花等)單瓣的;【無線電】單工的,單次的。2 獨...
  • tube: n 1 管,筒;顏料管。2 管狀地下隧道;〈口語〉(倫敦的)地下鐵道。3 【炮】炮身;【汽鍋】鍋管;【解...
  • daylight: n. 1. 日光;白晝,白天;清早,黎明。2. 公開,發表。3. (競賽中船與船間等的)間隔。4. 〈pl. 〉 〈俚語〉眼睛;視力;智力;活動力。

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  1. At first, in the process of experiments, it were measured that dry plate pressures drop and point pressures in the flow fields around the single fixed - valve and double fixed - valves under different velocities by using of pitot tube. after that point pressure was transformed to point velocity, two dimensions flow plane of flow fields around fixed - valve were plotted to observe the difference between of the fixed - valve tray with fold edges and the common rectangular fixed - valve tray on the distributions of flow fields and pressures, to provide comparisons and refer - rence for cfd simulation

  2. In the analysis, a cfst arch ( single tube ) is first divided into a finite number of straight beam elements. according to the virtual work principle and the modified newton - raphson iteration method the tangent stiffness matrix considering double nonlinear properties is established. with regard to the non - equilibrium forces, the material nonlinear property along the height of the section and the length of the element is considered and the computation accuracy is improved as a result

    本文首先將拱肋劃分為一系列的直梁單元,運用虛功原理和修正newton - raphan數值迭代演算法的基本原理準確推導了拱肋直梁單元的非線性切線剛度矩陣;在不平衡力方面考慮了沿截面高度和單元長度方向材料非線性的發展過程,提高了計算精度;再根據得到的切線剛度矩陣採用荷載增量步內修正newton - raphan迭代的增量迭代法進行了求解。
  3. The 2. 4 - kilometre discovery bay tunnel link, which comprises a 630 - metre single tube two - way tunnel and a 1 770 - metre approach road, is operated and maintained by the discovery bay road tunnel company limited, which also built it

  4. Test investigation on sgtr of single tube break and three - tube break is carried out on hpitf of ciae to deeply understand the thermal - hydraulic behavior during pressurized - water - reactor ( pwr ) sgtr and to provide an integral data base for code assessment and development. the facility, a full height and 1 / 1000 - scale ( by volume ) of qinshan nuclear power plant, incorporates two identical loops with active pumps and steam generators ( sg ). the initial steady state of the test basically simulated that of the reference plant operation

    為了深入了解核電廠蒸汽發生器傳熱管破裂事故發生后的熱工水力現象,以及對壓水堆( pwr )核電廠系統分析程序進行分析和評價,在高壓綜合試驗裝置上開展了蒸汽發生器傳熱管破裂試驗研究高壓綜合試驗裝置以秦山核電廠主迴路系統為模擬對象,該裝置為雙環迴路系統,容積比為1 : 1000 ,高度比為1 : 1 。
  5. The 2. 4 - kilometre discovery bay tunnel link, which comprises a 630 - metre single tube two - way tunnel and a