音標 [slu:s]
n. 名詞 1. 水閘,水門,水閘門〈又稱 sluicegate, sluicevalve〉;閘溝,泄水道〈又稱sluiceway〉;閘口。
2. (被閘門攔住或從閘門流出的)蓄水;泄水。
3. 【林業】(流放木材的)斜水槽。
4. 【礦物】(洗金礦等用的)流礦槽;〈轉義〉根本,源泉。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 開閘灌溉,開閘放(水)。
2. 沖洗,好好地洗。
vi. 不及物動詞 流出,奔流。


    1. By hydraulic modeling, this paper describes studies on the stability of a floating bulkhead operating in standing water and flowing water, and it ' s hydrodynamic stability characteristics that distinguish in standing water from in flowing water ; and direct measurements of the forces acting on the model floating body during floating and sinking is taken. as a result, the rotation stress curves are produced and analyzed ; to provide data for optimum operation schedule analyses of the sluice, the relationship of the impact forces acting on the side wall of the gate and the running speed is studied ; the reasons of unstably uplifting of the bulkhead are discussed and the method to solve the problem is also given in this paper

    2. Forty - five years f expericence in design, inspection, consultation and supervision of large - scale and medium culverts, sluice gates, bridges, dams and lock gates on flatland as well as irrigation and water conservancy

    3. While we sluice, the manager played with a carved paper knife

    4. "tidal waves" from under water blasting can sometimes cause problems for adjacent installations such as sluice gates.

    5. The crack problem of hydraulic culvert and sluice engineering concrete is rather thoroughly studied in the present paper. concluded the shape of crack, analyzed the mechanism of cracking, and researched on the engineering measure for prevent from the cracking in this paper. mathematical model for kinds of engineering measures is calculated ; results from all kinds of measures are obtained