音標 ['səuʃəlist]
n. 名詞 社會主義者。
adj. 形容詞 1. 社會主義的。
2. 〈S-〉社會黨的。


    1. The abstemious society and the building of a new socialist countryside

    2. The fourth part introduced the ethnic relations in xishuangbanna dai antonymous region in early socialist constructions

    3. Battle royal was waged, amid the smoking of many cigarettes and the expectoration of much tobacco - juice, wherein the tramp successfully held his own, even when a socialist workman sneered, " there is no god but the unknowable, and herbert spencer is his prophet.

      堂皇的戰爭開始了,抽了許多香煙,吐了許多斗煙唾沫,流浪漢堅守陣地,獲得了成功,盡管有個相信社會主義的工人譏笑說: 「沒有上帝,只有不可知之物,赫伯特斯賓塞就是他的先知。 」
    4. On the primary content of the contributive responsibility of the enterprises under the condition of socialist market - oriented economy

    5. To train a group of high - quality judges with firm political position, professional conversance, good conduct and honesty is an important condition for the rule of law and the construction of a socialist country ruled by law and is also an important safeguard for the people ' s court to implement the constitution and exercise judicial functions