solvent condenser中文意思是什麼

solvent condenser解釋

  • solvent: adj. 1. 有溶解力的,可溶解的;〈比喻〉使(信仰等)瓦解[削弱]的 (of)。2. 有償付能力的。n. 1. 【化學】溶劑,溶媒 (of for)。2. 解釋,說明。3. 使瓦解的東西。
  • condenser: n. 冷凝器;凝汽器;電容器;聚光器;【紡織;印染】集棉器;搓條機。

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  1. Dissolved in most organic solvent, such as aether, benzene, petroleum ether, and so on

  2. Solvent - free synthesis of pentaerythritol fatty acid ester as lubricant base oil

  3. The unconventional solvent properties of ionic liquids have been exploited in biocatalyst recycling and product recovery schemes

  4. Study of " ph memory " and activity water ( aw ) in processing of immobilization indicates that former factor has much effect on transformation and the latter just has little effect. permeabilization treating of baker ' s cell with alcohol and ultrasonic leads to lower transformation rate, which illustrates that permeabilization procedure has negative role on biotransformation with whole cell as biocatalyst in organic solvent. in simple dynamics research amount of biocatalysu concentration of substrate and reaction course are considered and all of them have remarkable effect on transformation

    Ph記憶、水活度及通透性處理的實驗結果表明, ph記憶對轉化有明顯的影響,水活度對模型反應的影響不大;作為完整細胞生物催化,細胞的通透性可能是傳質阻力的重要組成部分,利用不同濃度的乙醇和超聲波對細胞進行處理,結果表明,在有機相完整細胞生物催化中,通透性處理對轉化產生的是負面影響。
  5. Workplace air. determination of biphenyl - phenyl ether. solvent desorption gas chromatographic method