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  • sort: n 1 種類,類別,品種;種。2 品質,本性,性質。3 方法,情形,樣子,程度。4 某種人[物]。5 【印刷】...
  • generator: n 1 產生者,生殖者,創始者。2 發電機,發生器。3 【音樂】基礎低音。4 = generatrix a D C generator...
  • language: n 1 語言;(某民族,某國的)國語;語調,措詞。2 (談話者或作者所使用的)言語,語風,文風,文體。3...

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  1. In this paper, a lot of researches and exploration are applied to studying the universality and expansibility of hardware and the arithmetic design and code optimization of software. especially, all of the following arithmetics or conceptions are worked out in the research of software design : self - adaptable compression arithmetic based on dictionary model for data collection system, similarity full binary sort tree, a optimized quick search arithmetic and an improved arithmetic of multiplication in the floating - point operation. and all of the arithmetic are designed with mcs - 51 assembly language. the quick search arithmetic, in which merits of both binary search and sequence search are used fully, are based on the specialty of preorder traversal in similarity full binary sort tree

    特別在軟體設計研究中,提出了適用於數據採集系統的數據壓縮演算法? ?基於字典模型的自適應壓縮演算法;提出了類滿二叉排序樹的定義;提出了基於類滿二叉排序樹的先序遍歷特性的最優化快速查找演算法,它充分利用了折半查找和順序查找各自的優點;提出了浮點運算乘法的改進演算法;並在mcs - 51匯編語言層次上對所有的演算法加以實現。
  2. At last, the rotor - bearing system of a franics hydraulic generator set of the 3rd machine in the nanya river yaoheba factory is used as an example, calculating result and discussion are given by integrating matlab compute and simulation language

  3. Whorf came to believe in a sort of linguistic determinism which, in its strongest form, states that language impriso the mind, and that the grammatical patter in a language can produce far - reaching co equences for the culture of a society

  4. Whorf came to believe in a sort of linguistic determinism which , in its strongest form , states that language imprisons the mind , and that the grammatical patterns in a language can produce far ? reaching consequences for the culture of a society

  5. The java language is a sort of hybrid, in that its code is compiled into bytecode a form of binary for an abstract computer

    Java語言是某種混合體:它的代碼被編譯成位元組碼(針對抽象計算機的二進制形式) 。