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  • southeast: n. 1. 東南〈泛指東南方向;正東以南45°;略作S E〉。2. 〈S-〉(美國)東南部。adj. 1. 位於東南的;向東南的。2. 來自東南的。adv. 在東南;向東南;從東南。
  • cement: n 1 水泥。2 膠泥;膠合劑,接合劑,膠;【醫學】(牙科等用的)黏固粉。3 【解剖學】(牙齒的)白堊質...
  • corp: 科爾普

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  1. As a rough guide it can be generally stated that for each 1p spent on an admixture then approximately 4-5p worth of cement can be saved.

  2. If magnitude of expansive stress caused by adscititious magnesia is too large, or its distribution is not uniform, it trends to damage the structure of cement concrete, and then affect seriously dam durability

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  5. Langfang rizhi machinery tools co., ltd. : exclusively invested by japanese unik corp , specialized in the manufacturing of various hole machining tools applied for the processing of metal, cement, glass, marble, thin wall and pipe materials