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  • specific: adj 1 特殊的;特有的;特定的,專門的。2 明確的,具體的。3 【生物學】種的;【細菌】專性的。4 【醫...
  • ionization: n 【物理學】電離(作用);離子化。 ionization by impact [light] 碰撞[光感]電離。 ionization const...
  • curve: n 1 曲線;彎曲;彎曲物。2 曲線規 (=French curve);【機械工程】曲線板;【棒球】曲線球;【統計學...

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  1. Determination of ionization constants of 4 - 2 - pyridilazo - resorcinol using multi - curve resolution method

  2. The his - tagged peacl - gfp purified from the supernatants could polymerize into green fluorescent filamentous structures with diameter, length and shape being identical to that of muscle f - actins, which could be labeled by tritc - phalloidin ( a specific agent for staining actin microfilaments ), and were identified as having a 9 nm diameter by negative staining, corresponding with that of the muscle f - actins ( 7 - 10 nm ). under polymerization conditions, his - tagged peacl - gfp polymerized with kinetics similar to those of skeleton muscle actin, that is, an obvious lag nucleation period at the beginning of polymerization and an s - like typical polymerization curve could be obtained. the critical concentration is 0. 75 umol / l near to that of chicken muscle actin ( 0. 56 umol / l ) under the same condition

    熒光標記結合熒光顯微觀察表明:從可溶性上清中純化的his - taggedpeac1 - gfp聚合形成的微絲不僅可以直接在熒光顯微鏡下觀察,也可被微絲的特異標記物鬼筆環肽所標記,而且其直徑、長度以及形態上與已知的聚合肌動蛋白熒光絲一致;電鏡負染的結果進一步證實其直徑為9nm ,與傳統微絲直徑相當( 7 ? 10nm ) ;聚合曲線有明顯的停滯期,為典型的s型聚合曲線,聚合臨界濃度為0 . 75 mol l ,這一結果與已有報道相似。
  3. We can measure with even more precision the percentage of items that fall within specific ranges under a symmetrical, bell-shaped curve like the one in figure 4-3.

  4. Abstract : the effect of turbine characteristic on stable sectional area of surge tank can be expressed by the synthetic characteristic coefficient of turbine, it shows the effect of turbine efficiency. based on the analysis on the variation of the characteristic curve for middle or high specific speed turbine, this paper demonstrates that the largest stable sectional area of surge tank is not dependent on the lowest water head of hydroelectric plant but the design head

  5. In this article, we study the implemetation of fpga for elliptic curve digital signature algorithm. based on number thesis 、 abstract algebra and complex thesis , integrated information theory 、 cryptography and some specific relevant algorithm , we ascertain the implementation of ecdsa for hardware project : according to the design idea of hiberarchy and modularization, we adopt very high speed ic hardware description language ( vhdl ) as design input and simulate the design in every level and every model for the correct of the fundamental design. after finish the top design, we perform the whole simulation. then , we carry out the timing simulation after the logic synthes and layout