stand by tone中文意思是什麼

stand by tone解釋

  • stand: vi (stood )1 站立,站起來 (up); 站住,站定 (opp sit lie kneel couch squat)。2 (房子等)在...
  • by: adv 1 在側,在旁,在附近。2 (擱)在一邊,(放)到旁邊,(存)在一旁;收著。3 (由旁邊)經過,過...
  • tone: n 托恩〈姓氏〉。n 1 調子,音調;音色;音樂。2 語調,語氣;(報刊等的)論調。3 格調,風格;風氣,氣...

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  1. Tell the bosun to have both anchors stand - by

  2. "jim" he whispered, "take that and stand by for trouble. " and he passed me a double-barrelled pistol.

  3. In case of extremity he will stand by her.

  4. Benitez has teenager jack hobbs on stand - by for some rare action, while daniel agger is close to a return after a metatarsal injury

  5. The author of "primitive marriage" would be expected to stand by his preconceived opinions.