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  • super: n 1 〈口語〉=supernumerary 2 〈口語〉=superintendent 3 〈口語〉【商業】特級品,特大號商品;超級...
  • volume: n. 1. 卷,冊;書籍;【歷史】書卷,卷軸。2. 〈常 pl. 〉大塊,大量,許多。3. 體積;容積;分量,額;【物、樂】音量;強度,響度。
  • mascara: n. (染)睫毛油。

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  1. Wrap hair in super absorbent second towel

  2. Using vb6 programming software, the different marked volume of corresponding absolute altitude for the horizontal vessel which have arbitrary ellipse head and spherical vessel can be calculated more rapidly and accurately, and the method was not restricted by vessel specifications

  3. Local wars involving high - technology reflect the fundamental characteristics of the information era. electro - optic technology plays an important role in high - tech local wars, high - resolution information acquisition, huge - volume information transmission, super - high - density information storing, very fast information processing and lightweight flat panel displays not only be - nefit command and control, shorten the action period, but may also be applied to control weapon, improve target accutracy and promote intelligent weapons. with the wide use of electro - optic techno - logy in the battlefield, the role of electro - optic countermeasure has become more and more important

  4. The scatter super absorbent polymer in soil surface do n ' t influenced the infiltration process of trickle source, the wetting front is almost coincide with checking treatment. ( 4 ) because of the influence of soil water redistribution, the volume of wetted soil increase and the average soil water content decrease. in case of applied water 330min with a discharge rate 1 l / h, the horizontal an

    O )土壤濕潤體的體積在水分再分佈的作用下,隨看停水時間的增加而不斷變大,對滴頭流量為幾兒供水330min況停水后的水分再分佈觀測表明,到停水4000min時,垂向濕潤距離增加了25 ,水平濕潤距離增加了16 ,濕潤體的體積增加了68 ,濕潤體的平均體積含水率由停水時刻的0
  5. In addition, super - short term strategies also earn significantly positive returns. nevertheless the contrarian strategies under long formation horizons and holding horizons ( beyond 36 weeks ) may yield significantly positive returns. we also find, considering markert factor ( market return, cross - sectional variance of equity returns ) and characteristic of individual stock ( trading volume, firm size, price, price / earnings, be / me ), there exist clearer and more significant patterns of profitability in momentum or contrarian strategies

    具體而言,大體上以中短持有期的慣性策略(持有期4 ? 24周)有較顯著之利潤,超短期形成期的慣性策略在1 ? 12周的獲利性亦很顯著,而較長形成期( 36周以上)與較長持有期搭配的反向策略則可能獲得顯著的正收益。