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  • surge: n 大浪,波濤;波濤洶涌的大海;(人群、感情等的)洶涌,洋溢,起伏,高漲;〈詩〉海;【機械工程】波...
  • characteristics: 產品性能描述

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  1. The first two of these characteristics can be improved by the judicious use of absorbers.

  2. And it can be divided into four phases of urban tourism of china, in which there are different characteristics. ( 2 ) the evolutive rules of urban tourism of china are as follows : 1 ) the exoteric extent of tourism notion is more and more swell ; 2 ) the form of urban tourism renovate with the development of cities ; 3 ) the layout of urban tourism inner and outer is from close and complanate to exoteric and tridimensional ; 4 ) the sustaining system of urban tourism is from absent to as clear as a bell, and will reach a rational and advanced extent. 5 ) the social delamination of urban tourism is form stern to syncretic ; 6 ) the evolvement tendency of urban tourism should be generalized as a curve of accumbent " s ", which present a course makes up of low - grade development, high - speed development and balanced development

    主要觀點歸納如下: ( 1 )城市旅遊是基於城市的發展而發展的,中國城市旅遊可分為古代、近代、現代和后現代四個階段,分別對應於前工業文明時期的城市旅遊、工業文明萌芽時期的城市旅遊、全面建設工業文明和后工業文明因素初露端倪時期的城市旅遊,以及邁向信息時代的城市旅遊,其間體現出不同的城市旅遊發展特徵; ( 2 )經歷不同發展的時期,中國城市旅遊表現出如下的演進規律: 1 )城市旅遊觀念開放程度逐漸增強,對城市旅遊的容納度日趨加大,對城市旅遊地位的認識從忽視到關注再成為生活的必要因素; 2 )旅遊形式從單一走向多元,新的旅遊形式隨城市發展層出不窮; 3 )城市旅遊的內外部空間聯系從封閉平面走向開放立體,達到網路化、連綿化、分區化、立體化布局; 4 )城市旅遊支持系統從缺失走向健全,達到理性高端; 5 )城市旅遊社會分層從森嚴走向融合,經歷了「小眾旅遊」 、 「大眾旅遊」 ,最終發展到「全民旅遊」 ; 6 )城市旅遊產業演變態勢可以概括為一條橫臥的「 s 」曲線,表現為低開?高走?平穩發展。
  3. The field observation of the sediments of storm surge produced by no. 11 typhoon in 1997 shows that sedimentation rate of storm surge sediments are greater than that of normal astronomical tide sediments, and the grain size shows relative coarse with poor sorting. vertical sequences of the storm sediment show parallel bedding and overlapped by hummock bedding. these characteristics provide good basis for building the index of storm surge deposit

  4. The metal oxide varistors ( mov ), as the core organ, made under japanese technology license. it have good response to steep front surge, excellent volt - amper characteristics and high discharge capability, which provides a very consistent protection merit at steep front surge, lightning surge and seitching surge, and enhances protective capability

  5. Based on the head loss coefficients obtained from gardel ' s semi - empirical equations for t - junction flow and experiment of welded t - junction, the hydraulic characteristics of throttled surge tank are estimated and compared with those gotten from hydraulic experiment. 3. four different methods of determining the head loss coefficients of throttled surge tank have been employed to investigate the effect of methods afore mentioned on the accuracy of calculating surge and pressure head of throttled surge tank

    給出了基於gardel關於三通管水頭損失系數的經驗公式、焊接t形三通管水頭損失系數的實驗資料及截面突變管道的水頭損失資料,計算有連接管的阻抗式調壓室在不同流態下水頭損失系數的計算方法,並將這兩種方法計算得到的調壓室局部水頭損失系數分別與模型試驗成果進行了比較和分析; 3