n. 名詞 〈俄語〉【宇宙空間技術】(人造衛星等的)發射時間。

  • t: 中世紀羅馬數字的160。
  • zero: n (pl zeros zeroes)1 【數學】零;零號。2 零位;零點,起點;(溫度表的)零度,冰點;座標原點;無...


  1. Zero : don ' t get cocky. this isn ' t a training a op

  2. Partial wavelet coefficients ca n ' t be set zero when the threshold is undersize so parts of noises are retained and some useful signals will be taked off when the threshold is iusto major so parts of useful signals are lost. these cases result in dissatisfactory denoising

  3. Abstract : when the accelerating time of frequency is equal to zero, this paper discusses the gain of inventer - induction motor under the vector controlled and non - vect or c ontrolled. at the same time, this paper discusses it while the time of slope is no t zero. the m othod of the slippery and difference is introduced in this papaer for designing the system contained inv - m

    文摘:討論了頻率加速時間為零時,矢量控制和非矢量控制兩種情況的通用變頻器異步電動機的傳遞函數,同時也討論了斜坡給定時間不為零的通用變頻器異步電動機傳遞函數,介紹了滑差限定的方法,為設計含有inv - m的系統提高提供了理論依據
  4. They can live in snow obviously but they don ' t like below zero fahrenheit weather

  5. One : l should not be frequently shut off ; controlled the lamps and lanterns to kill bright by k while supplying power normal. can ' t adopt and cut off battle line. line zero power, while presenting the accident, the emergent lamps and lanterns can ' t work normally

    一: l不宜頻繁關斷;正常供電時由k控制燈具亮滅,不得採取切斷火線、零線電源,否則出現事故時,應急燈具不能正常工作。