table knife中文意思是什麼

table knife解釋

  • table: n 1 桌子;飯桌,餐臺。2 手術臺;工作臺;游戲臺;賭臺;寫字臺。3 (飯桌上的)食物,酒菜,伙食;一...
  • knife: n (pl knives )1 小刀;餐刀;菜刀。2 〈詩〉短刀,匕首。3 【機械工程】(切斷器的)刃部;(機器上...

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  1. The back of the settle and earnshaw s person interposed between me and him : so instead of endeavouring to reach me, he snatched a dinner knife from the table and flung it at my head

  2. She sustained a stab wound on her left back shoulder. a pointed table knife with bloodstains was found on the ground about 20 feet from her

  3. He misuses his knife at the table by lifting food with it

  4. Not long after learning walk and talk, they can set the table with impressive accuracy ? one plate, one knife, one spoon, one fork, for each of the five chairs

    學會走和說不久,他們就會出奇正確地擺桌子? ?五個位子各放一個盤子、一把小刀、一個勺子、一把餐叉。
  5. A diner, knife and fork upright, elbows on table, ready for a second helping stared towards the foodlift across his stained square of newspaper