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  • table: n 1 桌子;飯桌,餐臺。2 手術臺;工作臺;游戲臺;賭臺;寫字臺。3 (飯桌上的)食物,酒菜,伙食;一...
  • money: n 1 貨幣;錢 金錢。2 財產 財富 財力。3 〈主 pl 〉 (特種)貨幣;通貨;〈pl 〉〈古語〉【法律】金額...

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  1. Some twenty men were gathered about a table before which dolohov was sitting between two candles. on the table lay money and notes, and dolohov was keeping the bank

  2. Please give the money to the girl standing at the table

  3. As you know, i had won some money at the gaming table. so i promptly handed over to prudence what marguerite, through her, had asked me for, and, fearing that she might need more than i had, i travelled up to paris where i borrowed the equivalent of the sum of money which i had borrowed before and had repaid in full

  4. For the rest of the night, i went on winning, and it was i who gave her money to gamble with, for she had lost everything she had on the table in front of her, and most probably all the money she had in the house

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