tall khazaf中文意思是什麼

tall khazaf解釋

  • tall: adj. 1. 身材高的,高大的。2. 〈美口〉(數量)大的。3. 〈俚語〉過分的,誇張的。adv. 〈口語〉誇大地;趾高氣揚地。n. -ness

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  1. The a-frame pylon harmonizes with the tall spires of the adjacent cathedral.

  2. The men are almost all impressively tall, many are blond and, almost invariably, they are extremely handsome with the bodies of adonis

  3. The tall danger crowd of third hepatitis is the person that point to to blood often is exposed outside alvine path, the person that if medicaments is abused inside hemophiliac, vein, become addiction, blood is dialytic patient of surgery of patient, marrow and kidney transplant patient, heart and the patient that often inject via the skin

  4. Daguenet, on the other hand, who was seated on estelle s left, seemed slightly put out by his propinquity to that tall, silent girl. the angularity of her elbows was disagreeable to him

  5. A tall athletic figure stands in the chilly drizzle beside a used clothing store.