te ion fracture中文意思是什麼

te ion fracture解釋

  • te: Te = 【化學】 tellurium.
  • ion: n. 【物理學】離子。 positive [negative] ion正[負]離子。
  • fracture: vt. ,vi. (使)破裂;(使)折斷;(使)斷裂。n. 1. 破裂,折斷,斷裂。2. 裂痕,裂縫,裂面。3. 【醫學】挫傷,骨折。4. 【礦物】斷口;【地質學;地理學】斷層。

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  1. Surgical treatment of complex acetabulum fracture

  2. Based on the cause of refracturing failure, operation scale improvement and adjusted treatments are adopted, such as acid washing fracture, multi - fracture fracturing and new fracture fracturing

  3. Of montmori l 1oni te were invest igated first1y. x - - ray di ffract ion ( xrd ) resu1ts suggested that the spaces of si1icate 1ayers increased from 1. 5nm to about 4nm

    根據小角x -衍射結果,來計算分析有機土中htab分子的排列方式,提出了htab在無機土片層雙層斜立排列的模型。
  4. This paper develops a brain tumors heating curing instrument, which is based on the endogenetic field. it works by heating the ion and polity elements in the tumors organization, making the molecule twist and fracture. in that way, the temperature in the brain tumors is 3 ~ 7 c higher than the normal organization, and kills the brain tumor

    本文研製了一種基於內生場的腦腫瘤射頻熱療儀,通過內生場加溫促使腫瘤組織的離子和極性分子在電磁場中發生分子扭動、摩擦,產生熱滯留,使得腫瘤組織的溫度高於周圍正常組織的3 ~ 7 ,從而燒死腦腫瘤細胞,達到安全治愈腫瘤的目的。
  5. European union foreign policy chief javier solana says the tests add te ion to the already complex situation in the region