telling a doctor about various problems中文意思是什麼

telling a doctor about various problems解釋

  • telling: adj 1 有效的,有力的。2 生動的;透露真情的,說明問題的。n 講,可講的事。 There is no telling 難說...
  • a: an 用在以母音音素開始的詞前〉 indefinite art 1 〈普通可數名詞第一次提到時,冠以不定冠詞主要表示類...
  • doctor: n 1 博士〈略作 D 或 Dr 〉。2 醫生,醫師,大夫;牙齒;獸醫;巫醫。3 〈古語〉學者,教師;【天主教】...
  • about: adv 1 大約,差不多;前後,左右。 About a mile 大約一英里。 That s about right 大致不差。 That s a...
  • various: adj 1 不同的,各種各樣的。2 多樣的,多方面的;富於變化的;〈古語〉多才多藝的。3 好幾個的,許多的...
  • problems: 前面指代的是

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  1. One young man, working for a movie talent agency, was the only person willing to listen to a cantankerous star complain about her problems hour after hour, day after day. no one else took the time

  2. In addition to hot springs, pine gardens also has an obstacle course, a nature trail where visitors can learn about various flora and fauna, and a recreation area for children

  3. Have you consulted a doctor about your disease

  4. Do not complain to a doctor about " voices " or " strange smells ", as the automatic and guaranteed diagnosis will be ( wrongly ). mental illness

    不要向醫生抱怨關于「聲音」或「奇怪的氣味」 ,會被自動地和被保證,會被診斷為(錯誤的)精神病。
  5. China ' s company law provides a series of regulations about director ' s obligation, yet it is rough and delays to such a degree that various problems appear in operation. this essay draws lessons from company law of civil law countries and common law countries, and perfects the regulations of director ' s obligation of china ' s company law