testiset penis phocae中文意思是什麼

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  • penis: n. (pl. penes , penises) 【解剖學】陰莖。

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  1. It s just the same as bolshevism. one has to be human, and have a heart and a penis if one is going to escape being either a god or a bolshevist. for they are the same thing : they re both too good to be true

    波爾雪維克主義者,我們便得有人性,有心,有生殖器因為神和波爾雪維克主義者都是一樣的:他們太好了,所以就不真實了。 」
  2. And he stuck flowers in the hair of his own body, and wound a bit of creeping - jenny round his penis, and stuck a single bell of a hyacinth in his navel. she watched him with amusement, his odd intentness. and she pushed a campion flower in his moustache, where it stuck, dangling under his nose

  3. Cavernous body of penis

  4. Oh, intellectually i believe in having a good heart, a chirpy penis, a lively intelligence, and the courage to say " shit ! " in front of a lady

    啊,理智地說來,我相信要有一個好心,一條生動的陽具,一個銳利的智慧,和在一位高尚的婦女面前說媽的屎的勇氣。 」
  5. The most common woman - on - top pairing occurs when she straddles the man ' s hips, taking his penis inside her, and then lies on top of him, either with her legs bent behind her, or stretched out along his sides