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  • text: n 1 原文,本文,正文;(文藝學等所說的)文本。2 課文,課本,教科書。3 基督教聖經經文,經句〈常引...
  • transfer: n 1 移轉,轉送;調職;調任[轉學]證書;變換。2 (財產;權利等的)轉讓,讓與(證書),移轉,授受;...

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  1. Telegraphic transfer money [ text ] telegraphic transfer money is with norm homeland by the remitter the money is handed in at bank of native foreign currency to exchange norm foreign currency, narrate bright the full name of person getting a money and address, again by undertake bank ( remit goes ) fold the subsidiary bank that sends telex of type of the cable that increase sign to give another state or acting travel ( collect row ) the way of a kind of remittance that demonstrative solution pays chamberlain

  2. Research on the transfer of problem - solving effected by text structure factor

  3. Http hyper text transfer protocol

  4. Image thermal and visual, measurement, voice and text transfer to pc

  5. Tcp / ip was developed for narrowband text transfer. to meet the demand for broadband transfer, tcp / ip is modified unceasingly. at the same time, many research works for network architecture are carried out

    由於最初的tcp / ip協議棧本來就是為了窄帶文本數據而開發的,為了適應寬帶傳輸的要求該協議在原有的基礎上不斷的進行修改。