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  • textile: n. 〈常 pl. 〉紡織品;紡織原料。adj. 紡織(品)的。 textile fabrics 紡織品,紡織物。 textile fibres 紡織纖維。 textile glass 紡織玻璃纖維。
  • or: or2,〈古、詩〉在…之前,比…更早〈普通用or ever, or e'er〉。n. 【徽章】黑金色,黑色。

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  1. Differential acrylic fiber copolymerized from multicomponent copolymer can be used to develop kinds of textile material. at present, there is no other kinds of chemical fiber can substitute acrylic fibre completely

  2. Mainly used for preventing and curing anthracnose of vegetables, powdery mildew of melons, common diseases of apple, orange and pear, diseases during the seedling of cotton, rice blast, banded sclerotial blight, smut - fungus, sclerotium rot and gibberellic disease, etc. of beet, wheat, sweet potato, peanut and rice. be used in textile products, paper and leather for preventing mould and corrosion and retaining freshness of fruit

  3. Owning advantages of simply structure, large energy, low noise, long service life, reliable and safety and convenient usage and maintenance, this machine widely applies to avigation, auto, tractor, tool manufacturing, textile machinery and other industries

  4. Textile machinery and accessories : healds, heald frames and reeds - specification for metal reeds with double - spring baulk : dimensions

  5. Jinda specializes in the production of all kinds of textile decoration shell fabric such as jacquard weave, yarn dyed fabric and calico printing