thunderstorm activity中文意思是什麼

thunderstorm activity解釋

  • thunderstorm: n. 雷雨。
  • activity: n. 1. 活動;活躍;動作;活動力;能動性。2. 活性;放射性。3. 機能,功能。4. 〈美國〉機構。5. 〈pl. 〉 活動范圍。

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  1. Abm activity based management

  2. The greatest activity could be obtained on the condition of 8 % salt concentration, 1 : 20 ratio of abomasums and butter, 30w / cm2 supersonic strength and 40min extraction time

    在食鹽濃度8 ,皺胃與提取液比例1 : 15時,用30w cm2超聲強度提取40min ,可獲得最大的凝乳活性。
  3. Conclusion acanthus ilicifolius l. has activity of antioxdant

  4. The results indicated that the synthetic mviia was reduced and oxidized in a buffer containing acetamide / guanidine hydrochloride by air oxidization in the room temperature and obtained a relatively well oxidization result, the synthetic mviia showed 100 % of physiological activity of native mviia, but obtained 1 % product of synthetic crude peptide

  5. This is one of the rare shots of us in the field as we tend to forget to take any action shots in all the activity