toe jam in corner中文意思是什麼

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  • toe: n 腳趾,腳尖;〈口語〉腳;(鞋、襪等的)尖;蹄尖;蹄鐵尖;工具的尖端;【高爾夫球】球棒尖;(鐵軌...
  • jam: n 1 擁擠,阻塞。2 (機器等因擁塞)軋住,停頓。3 【無線電】干擾,失真。4 〈美口〉困境,窘境;和警...
  • in: adv 1 朝里,向內,在內。 A coat with a furry side in有皮裡子的外衣。 Come in please 請進來。 The ...
  • corner: n 1 (桌等的)角,棱,隅。2 天涯海角,僻遠地方;偏僻處,角落。3 (街道)拐角,壁角;【數學】隅角...

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  1. Ethelbert was most agreeably occupied in the furthest corner of the room.

  2. Leading central banks have each laboured on their own to clear the log jam in the money markets ? and all have failed

  3. Art jam in central is a place where anyone can drop in and for a small fee, be provided with a canvas and acrylic paints

  4. This paper first introduced the electronic war ' s basic concept, development process and its developing trend, and then gives out the theory, key technology, application and developing trend of communication scout, direction - finding communication and communication jam in great detail. after that the cjw - 2000 system was referred to, and its system function and information flowing was analyzed. then the paper analyzed and introduced the theory, function, system structure, technical guide line and working flowing of the electronic jam rivalry scouting and analysis sub - system in detail. at last it gave the analysis of the interface standard of the electronic rivalry scouting, its interface message format and the data - base design of different equipments

    本文首先簡單介紹了電子戰的基本概念、電子戰的發展過程及發展趨勢,接著比較詳細地分析了通信偵察、通信測向、通信干擾等的原理、關鍵技術、應用及發展趨勢,然後對cjw - 2000系統進行了簡單介紹,並且對其系統功能及信息流程進行的簡單分析,之後又對cjw - 2000系統中的電子對抗偵察與分析分系統的原理、功能、系統結構、技術指標和工作流程等進行了比較詳細的分析與介紹,最後詳細分析了電子對抗偵察與分析系統的介面標準,並對電子對抗偵察與分析系統內部不同設備之間的介面報文格式以及數據庫的設計進行了詳細的分析。
  5. He grabbed the handles on the cartridges and pulled the trimmer towards him to clear a jam in the discharge