音標 [tuə]
n. 名詞 漫遊,游覽,周遊;旅行;(劇團的)巡迴演出;巡迴醫療;【軍事】(在海外基地為時2-3年的)服役期 (=tour of duty)。
a tour of inspection 視察旅行,巡視。
a tour of the country=a provincial tour 外地巡迴演出。
go on a tour 漫遊,巡徊,周遊。
make a tour of the world 週遊世界。
on tour 漫遊中,周遊中,巡迴中。
the grand tour 【歷史】(舊時英國大學生畢業前的)大陸旅行。
vi. 不及物動詞 ,vt. 及物動詞 周遊,游覽,旅行;參觀(畫展等);(使)巡迴演出[醫療];(車)慢慢開行。
tour France and Italy 周遊法國和義大利。


    1. Thanks for coming to seiki ' s catch and eat abalone tour

    2. Our city tour also takes in all the other famous landmarks : the eiffel tower, place de la concord, champs elysees, arc de triomphe

    3. Microsoft doesn ' t promote the boat tour, but argosy says it has approval from gates

    4. Taft embarked in september 1909 upon a 13, 000-mile speaking tour from boston to the west coast to assuage the popular discontent.

    5. We start out our tour with a visit to piazza michelangelo, and then follow the river arno to the piazza signoria and the medieval city hall, onto the multi - colored marble grand cathedral - duomo, with the giotto campanile and the magnificent east door of the baptistery known as the gate of paradise. after lunch, drive southward to the medieval city - state of siena