transfer felt中文意思是什麼

transfer felt解釋

  • transfer: n 1 移轉,轉送;調職;調任[轉學]證書;變換。2 (財產;權利等的)轉讓,讓與(證書),移轉,授受;...
  • felt: adj 可以[顯然]感覺到的。 a felt earthquake 感覺得到的地震。 a felt want 迫切的需要。n 毛氈;毛布...

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  1. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer quenching method for determination of arsenic with acridine orange - rhodamine b

  2. The article hereby tried to analyze the function of the information transfer in the credit admeasure and then use it as a brealcthrough to find the ways or solutions to alleviate the contradiction

  3. 3. the mathematical model for heat and mass transfer in the adsorbent bed is established, the porous of adsorbent, the flow of adsorbate in adsorbent, the characteristic of non - equilibrium adsorption are combined in the model, and a more accurate model of fluid flow in porous media - ergun model is adopted

  4. All main technicals have been participated in the united design and technology transfer of mpc75 branchline aerobus and have a good command of key technologies on structural and system design of the airplane kinds like boeing and airbus as well as possess rich data of above planes

  5. He was a silent, rather sullen man, and you felt that his affability was a duty that he imposed upon himself christianly.