traveled distance中文意思是什麼

traveled distance解釋

  • traveled: adj. 旅行過許多地方的,旅行經驗多的,見聞廣的;旅客多的;【地質學;地理學】漂積的。
  • distance: n 1 距離,路程。2 遠隔,遠離;遠處,遠方。3 (時間的)間隔,長遠,長久。4 懸殊。5 隔閡,疏遠。6 ...

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  1. We traveled aboard the same flight.

  2. The people study and have the distance traveled by a vehicle for 15 minutes from hall to my hotel greatly. every morning, each translate and hold two a bottle of iced mineral waterses, another one hold a thermos flask of boiling water and a pack of teas, ride that to produces daily and goes to with me

  3. The distance traveled by waves with no obstruction

  4. The time in which the distance was traveled would appear faster than it would take light to make the journey through normal space

  5. Caused the latency and times of active avoidance reduced and the times of passive avoidance increased ; in morris water maze, total distance traveled and latency to the platform were increased. melatonin