two-shock intake中文意思是什麼

two-shock intake解釋

  • two: n. (pl. twos)1. 兩人;兩個東西,一對。2. 二的記號。3. 兩點鐘。4. 兩歲。n. -ness
  • shock: n 1 沖突;沖撞;沖擊;突擊。2 震動;沖動;激動。3 感動;憤慨;驚愕;震驚。4 地震。5 【醫學】休克...
  • intake: n 1 吸入,納入,收納。2 進水口 (opp outlet); 輸入端,(礦井的)進風巷道,通風孔。3 吸氣,進氣。...

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  1. The two types of engine valves are intake and exhaust.

  2. Then a vsc controller using on - off valve and two potentiometers are designed for cushioning control system. it can realize the balanced, no shock, no reversing cushioning. experiments under different air pressure, load mass are carried out, and the results prove that the vsc controller can be used in pneumatic cushioning

  3. Full floater technology connects the rear shock mounts to two moving linkages - the evo link on the top, and the extension of the swingarm at the bottom

  4. The doctor asked you how to be catagmatic, you answered : " i felt there was some sand in the shoe, so i shooke the shoe with the telegraph pole, i shook and shook, damn it, an idiot thought that i got an electric shock, then he raised the wooden staff to give me two clubs !

    醫生問你怎麼骨折的,你說: 「我覺得鞋裡有沙子,就扶電線桿抖鞋,我抖啊抖的,他媽的有個傻蛋以為我觸電,便抄起木棒給了我兩棒子! 」
  5. The numerical simulation of axisymmetric two - dimensional shock tube is studied, which has a conical convergent section, and its driving gas is the hot product of hydrogen oxygen detonation. finite volume tvd scheme is adopted and the mesh is local orthogonal. the primitive equations are euler s equations of multi - component flow. the new method of eliminating numerical oscillation at the interface of two materials is extended to two dimensions. the mechanical character of this shock tube is analyzed