two-step action中文意思是什麼

two-step action解釋

  • two: n. (pl. twos)1. 兩人;兩個東西,一對。2. 二的記號。3. 兩點鐘。4. 兩歲。n. -ness
  • step: vi ( pp )1 走;跨步。2 踩,踏上 (on)。3 跳舞,輕快地走,合著步調走。4 跨入,踏進。5 走上。vt ...
  • action: n 1 動作,活動;行為,行動。 ★ act 指一次所作的行為;action 雖與 act 同義,但多半指某一期間內出現...

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  1. Refining sewage treating technology of two - step hydrolysis and acidifying - aerobic process

  2. The yields of aldehydes produced in this sequential process are comparable to the two-step method.

  3. In this dissertation, al - si / sicp composites brake rotor with diameter of 1200mm was firstly fabricated by a novel spray deposition technology, and simultaneously coupled brake pad was prepared by a novel dry - powder processing route, termed as two - step pressing process. a wedge pressing technology was developed to densify the as - produce al - si / sicp composite brake rotor

    本文首次採用噴射沉積技術制備了直徑達1200mm的al - si / sicp制動盤,同時採用二次壓制工藝制備出了配套的合成閘片,研究了制動盤的楔壓緻密化技術、機理,復合材料摩擦磨損性能及機理。
  4. In this thesis, a simple and intuitional method, called two - step virtual rotation, is proposed

  5. Thermal economical analysis and waste heat reclamation in two - step phosphorous acid production process