UAE = United Arab Emirates 阿拉伯聯合大公國(阿拉伯聯合大公國)〈亞洲〉。


    1. Iraqi forces search for kidnapped uae diplomat

    2. Are you in a regulated market, like oman or uae

    3. The manpower department of sdhs is conducting international manpower cooperation and has sent a large number of technical staff in the filed of machinery, electronics, computer, equipment and meters and various kinds of workers and trainees in aquatic products procession, garment procession, vegetable planting, offshore fishing anima husbandry, finance and accounting, food service, etc. to such countries and regions as singapore, japan, korea, the uae, tonga, hong kong, macao and germany

    4. The associated press reports that a company at the port of miami has sued to block the uae company ' s takeover of shipping operations there

    5. Abbas arrived saturday night in uae after winding up a short visit to jordan where he discussed with some arab lawmakers on the prospect of starting talks between fatah and hamas factions