〈Afrik. 〉 外的 (= out)。


    1. Uit unit investment trust

    2. It seminar on june joint school iit uit fruitful sharing day date : 2 - 3 june 2001

      六月份資訊科技月會-聯校iit uit成果分享日
    3. Uit het querschiesser shk trends onderzoek, gedaan in duitsland in 2005, kwam heimeier als beste tevoorschijn in de categorie favoriet onder vakmensen. deze uitkomst is gebaseerd op topscores op de gebieden kwaliteit, leveringsservice, retourbeleid en onderdelen

    4. The developed liguang series of photographic light adopts cad design, which paved way for new circ - uit, high reliability , and with the assistance of apron lamp, impor - ting capacitance which results in liguang is popular with public customers for high quality and novel style thereof

    5. Micro communication element architecture was based on virtual circuit and we did some research work on it. and based on it, we construct the idea of two - time - handshake - virtual - circuit - create and six - time - handshake - virtual - circ uit - free for the first time and analysed it carefully. we came to a conclusion that it ’ s correct and proper for service unit based architecture