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  1. The tournament is due to kick off in basel s st jakob stadium on june 7, 2008, with the final being staged in vienna s ernst happel stadium on june 29. the swiss cities of bern, geneva and zurich will also host matches along with austria s salzburg, innsbruck and klagenfurt

  2. The famous “ salzburg wedding wall ” and the “ castle register of baptism ” in front of the chapel are covered with brass plaques which bear the names of those married and baptised here

  3. In a large white tent set up on salzburg ' s central herbert - von - karajan square, the men will be able to play computer games, leaf through newspapers or magazines such as playboy, or simply have a drink at the bar with co - suffering " shopping widowers "

  4. Longzhou tianqin girls band is now well - known home and abroad with their exquisite musical performances and attractive look and has been invited to the great hall of the people in beijing, the cao bang province and lang son province in vietnam, salzburg in austria and hamburg in germany

  5. The skull in question is one that for more than a century has been in the possession of the international mozarteum foundation in salzburg, the elegant austrian city where wolfgang amadeus mozart was born on jan. 27, 1756