upper dibang valley中文意思是什麼

upper dibang valley解釋

  • upper: adj 1 (更)上面的,上方的,上部的;較高的;上級的;(議會)上院的;(衣服)穿在外面的。2 上流的...
  • dibang: 迪邦
  • valley: n. 1. 谷,峪,河谷;凹處。2. 流域。3. 【建築】屋谷,屋面天溝。

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  1. If you don t mind to take 3. 5 miles hike to upper yosemite fall, where you will be rewarded with spectacular valley views away from the crowds. hike to nevada fall, mirror lake, and hike to the summit of half dome, then stop at happy isles nature center

    在山谷中的四周,分別有令人嘆為觀止的峭壁和優勝美地最引人的yosemite falls瀑布上下兩層有兩千四百英尺內華達瀑布等,以及鏡湖快樂島的自然中心。
  2. Described and reported by the gia laboratory as a range from the thinnest to the thickest " valley " areas ( i. e., " thin places " located between the bezel - main intersection and where the upper and lower halves meet )

  3. The spiritual rocks scenic spot can be regarded as a " three - layer pavilion " : the first layer includes the man - flying adventure, the lingyan temple and the small dragon waterfall, teh second layer is composed of the dragon - nose cave, teh sky - window cave ; and the upper layer, the lying dragon valley, and the double - pearl valley

  4. The biggest diurnal albedo is 0. 24 and the smallest 0. 11. moreover, the peak occurs on the day that radiation is very strong and the soil surface is dry and the valley appears on the day that rainfall is much more before this day and the soil water content of upper layer is high

    就反射率的日際變化而言,最大反射率為0 . 24 ,最小為0 . 11 ,相差一倍以上,其峰值均出現在輻射比較強,地表比較乾燥的日期,而谷底一般是在前期降雨較大,表層土壤濕潤時出現。
  5. Upper dibang valley